Megaluno Ranch – Dexter Cattle

Here at Megaluno Ranch we strive to find only the best examples of our chosen breed as our foundation stock.  After much research we determined that the traditional Dexter was the best breed of cattle for us, possessing all the qualities we desired.

After some more research we discovered that some of the best traditional Dexters come from Wakarusa Ridge Ranch. We are blessed to have purchased our foundation animals from them. All of our cattle possess the A2/A2 milk gene and are non-carriers of Chondrodysplasia and Pulmonary Hypoplasia with Anasarca (PHA).

All of our cattle are registered with the American Dexter Cattle Association (ADCA).

Read below to find out more about the breed and why we raise Traditional Dexter Cattle here at Megaluno Ranch.

Megaluno Ranch's Dexter Cattle


“The Dexter originated in southern Ireland during the early 1800s. It was developed from the Kerry, an Irish dairy breed, through selection for smaller size and improved beef qualities. The breed name came from a “Mr. Dexter,” who promoted the cattle during the mid‑1800s. The Dexter became popular with smallholders in Ireland and in England, who appreciated its efficiency in producing both milk and beef on limited acreage.”*

Dexter Cow and Calf of Megaluno Ranch
IVY Dexter Cow green


“Dexter cattle are solid and compact in appearance. Most Dexters are black, though red and dun are also found. The cattle are horned, and their black‑tipped white horns arc upward. Two body conformations are found within the breed: cattle with normal bodies and very short legs, and cattle, which are proportionately small in every dimension. Because the short‑legged type occasionally produces nonviable offspring, it has fallen out of favor, while the proportionate type has become more popular..”*

Why Choose Dexters?

WHY CHOOSE DEXTERS? Traditional Dexters are a small low maintenance easy keeping breed of cattle that are perfect for any homestead. They are a tri-purpose breed being great milkers, meat producers and beasts of burden.

Easy Keepers

Dexter Cattle thrive on less than perfect pasture and love to browse. They will eat plants most other breeds leave behind. Their small size also means they consume less food which makes them easier keepers in the winter and less demanding on smaller pastures.

More Per Acre

Dexter Cattle are considered as half of an agricultural unit, thus you can keep twice as many Dexters per acre as you can with standard sized cows.

Easy Calving

Dexter Cattle typically produce calves with a lower birth weight and cows calve easily on their own.

Easier to Handle

Because Dexters Cattle are smaller (<1000 lb.) they are easier to handle and less intimidating than the average sized cattle whose weight, according to FAO, is 1660 lb.**

Provides the Perfect Amount of Milk

Dexter cows produce up to 9 liters of milk a day, which is far more manageable for a family than the average 5 to 7 gallons of milk produces by other milking breeds.

Provides the Perfect Amount of Meat

Dexter steers produce sought after and flavorful meat. Because of their smaller size they produce a more manageable amount of meat for a family.

* Content by The Livestock Conservancy, sourced on the 31st of January, 2017

** Content found on Wikipedia on January, 31st, 2017.