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St. Croix Sheep

Sire (Billy)
Sire (Billy)

Registered Rams Currently Available (2018)

FOR SALE: Registered St. Croix rams.

These rams were born February 2017 and are perfect for breeding stock. Limited quantity available.

$300.00 per head

Registerable Ram and Ewe Lambs Available from May 2018.

Sire (Binder)
Sire (Binder)

FOR SALE: St. Croix registered ram and ewe lambs.

This crop of lambs was sired by SUMMIT 1045 (Binder), an impressive, extraordinarily large and well muscled St. Croix ram.

We acquired Binder from Summit Farm in Creston, WA, where he had already produced several crops of outstanding offspring.

If you are looking to add size and rapid growth rate, without sacrificing parasite resistance and the St. Croix’s natural hardiness, this progeny will be worth the investment.

$300.00 per head

American Blues

American Blue Rabbit Doe Blue Bird

American Blue Bucks & Does Available (2018)

FOR SALE: American Blue bucks and does.

We currently have American Blue bucks and does available. 3 months old. This breed is labeled as threatened by the Livestock Conservancy and is the rarest breed of rabbit in America. They are the deepest blue colored rabbit in the world and we are happy to be part of conserving this breed.

$25.00 each

Dexter Cattle

Megaluno Ranch's Dexter Cattle

No Stock Currently Available

Java Chickens

Java Hen and chicks

No Stock Currently Available

Special Pricing Available

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