About Us

Nestled in the heart of the Ozark Mountains, close to the beautiful Spring River lies Megaluno Ranch, we began this venture in 2014 with the desire to raise high quality heritage breeds of livestock.  After careful research and consideration we now raise purebred registered (SCHSB Inc.) St. Croix Sheep, ADCA registered traditional Dexter Cattle and Java Chickens.

While heritage breeds may take a little longer to mature than modern breeds they are known for their extraordinary ease of care, prolificness and hardiness. Because of these unique traits and inherent abilities we highly recommend our heritage breeds for everyone from hobby farmers to big commercial operations.

We do from time to time have registered breeding stock available to purchase. Please see the individual breed pages for more information on these wonderful animals and our current stock availability and pricing.

Megaluno Ranch is operated by Matt and Ulandi Brewer.

Family portrait at Megaluno Ranch

Visit our individual breed pages for more information: